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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 26, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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now at eight ... a 20 year old single mom shot five times on christmas eve(whoosh) the search for a cop killer comes up empty and leaves a central valley town in shock 'thatús the saddest part, that he was working on christmas eve, working for the community, something like this happens.'(whoosh) and should the raiders move into at&t park next season? one newly elected supervisor says no. i think the least we can do in this instance is stand with oakland
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(vicki) now at 8 -- in the central valley an all=day manhunt has failed to turn up any trace of the man who gunned down a police officer in the town of newman. good evening -- i'm vicki liviakis... in for pam moore. (ken) and i'm ken wayne. the suspect's truck was discovered less than five miles from where officer ronil singh was gunned down early this morning.catherine heenan esplains how a routine traffic stop turned deadly. "...his next radio transmission was 'shots fired' which immediately had a response from throughout the county including his partner who was working here in the city with him. when his partner arrived on scene, she did find officer singh on the ground with gunshot injuries. the officer was taken to a local hospital where he was declared dead.police released surveillance images of the suspect, described as a latino, and said he may have fled the scene in a gray extended-cab dodge ram truck, which was seen in the area at the time of the shooting. "it's very scary because newman is such a small town, and it's just sad and scary at the same time."as the sun rose, officer singh's s=u=v
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was still at the scene, with his k=9 partner sam inside the vehicle. the 33 year old singh was a native of fiji. according to his facebook page he worked for the turlock and stanislaus county police before starting in turlock eight years ago"he - he was eager to learn -- eager to learn about the job, learn about people and just what people were going through - their struggles, things like that. he was not a type of person to really judge somebody when he when he didn't know them."sing's uncle says he was working overtime on christmas eve to provide for his family.he's survived by his wife and five month old son.he has a baby boy a family, the least the community can do for him now is find this guy
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(ken) a family is looking for answers tonight after one of their own was gunned down in her own car on christmas eve.(ken) the 20-year-old single mother was ambushed while her 2-year-old child sat in the car with her. (vicki) that child was not hurt and the mother is recovering in the hosptial. kron 4's aleecia reid spoke to the family and has the latest on this investigation in suisun city. patrick nodinewhile preparing for the christmas celebration, this young mother was ambushed in her car ...pkgchristmas will have to wait until emma nodine gets home from the hospital.she was hit in the shoulder, elbow, and grazing to her headafter backing out of her bluebill way driveway, and heading up the block, shots rang out.bullets came in from the driver side, missed the driver and hit my daughter emma was hit multiple times. her 2 year old daughter
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illiana and a 16 yr old were in the back seat. both escaped injury.i dont want to think about losing my daughter or losing my granddaughterthe 20 year old single mother is now out of i-c-u and recovering at the hospital. her father tells me, this random shooting is a shock. they've been living on this street for decades and have no idea who could've done this.they didn't recognize anybody, they didn't recognize the carilliana is being cared for while her mother gets well. but coming back home is a question the family will have to answer sooner than later.she's frightened. shes very concerned about her welfare, and her daughter's welfare. she just doesn't feel safe here and that's understandable. so now we're looking at options of maybe all of us moving out of the areathe family has set up a go- fund me page to help with emma's medical expenses.standup witnesses with information that can help this case ... are urged to call police. reporting from suisun city ... ar ... kron 4 news.
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(ken) some developing news tonight... we are still waiting to find out where the oakland raiders will play next season. and there may be one less bay area option on the table. that is if one san francisco supervisor gets his way. kron4's haaziq madyun has the story the oakland raiders are considering the possibly of playing their last season in the bay area at at&t park in san franciscosotthe giants ballpark happens to be in san francisco supervisor-elect matt haney's district. he
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talks about some of the reasons why he opposes the giants opening their doors to raiders in 2019 sotthis 49ers fan says he remembers not feeling too good when san francisco lost its nfl team to a neighboring citysotfor their part officials with the giants confirm that initial interest has been expressed in exploring the opportunity of the raiders playing at at&t park and that many details would need to be figured out. however supervisor-elect haney cautions the giants in making such a decision without considering the potential impact on the citysot
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entire city. it's more than just about an individual business and their decisions. this will be viewed as the city and county of san francisco stepping in and intervening in a way that hurts oakland. so i hope that the giants understand that, that when they are doing this, in some way they are acting on behalf of all of us and this is more than just a business decision. it is about what's right">city leaders in oakland say the city's anti-trust law suit for breach of contract against the nfl has nothing to do with raiders playing the 2019 season at the coliseum. officials with the raiders see it san francisco haaziq madyun kron4news (vicki) in the north bay... four people trapped by a fire in san rafael say they had to tie bed sheets together to escape. it happened just after 10:30 this morning at an apartment complex on larkspur street. fire officials say the people living there weren't able to get out the front door because of the flames. they then resorted to tying
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together bed sheets to climb 10-feet down the rear window. only one person suffered minor injuries. crews are still investigating the cause. (ken) in national news -- it's been five days since the government partially shut down. and president trump is not backing down on his plan to have the border wall built. (vicki) trump declined to tell reporters today what amount of wall funding he would accept to end the shutdown. however -- reports say trump has requested $5 billion for the wall -- an amount democrats have rejected. the shutdown started saturday after funding lapsed for nine cabinet-level departments and dozens of agencies. roughly 420-thousand workers were deemed essential and are working unpaid, while another 380-thousand were laid off. the
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standoff between democrats and the president is expected to carry on into january. (ken) a go-fund-me account set up by an air force veteran to fund trump's border wall topped 17-million dollars... the campaign is entitled "we the people will fund the wall" -- launched last sunday with a goal of one billion dollars. in a statement the creater of the account said donors would get a refund if the fundraising goal isn't met. (vicki) the dow staged a massive comeback today after its worst-ever christmas eve. it posted its biggest daily point gain ever, rising more than a thousand points. but the underlying causes of recent declines still linger - and markets could remain volatile. our washington correspondent drew petrimoulx reports political turmoil along with a partial government shutdown continues to feed investor anxiety... causing the wild market swings we're seeing. kevin hassett, chairman of the council of economic advisers: "the fundamentals remain extremely sound."seeking to calm jittery investors the chairman of the council of economic advisers said
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wednesday recent declines in the stock market are not signs of a slowing economy.kevin hassett, chairman of the council of economic advisers: "christmas sales are through the roof."kevin hassett says g-d-p growth in the fourth quarter appears to be solid at near three percent or higher. kevin hassett, chairman of the council of economic advisers: "so i think that the momentum we saw this year is carrying into next year."but experts say the government shutdown, a trade war with china and other global factors all played a part in the biggest christmas eve market sell off in history. president donald trump"they are raising interest rates too fast that's my opinion. i mean the fact is that the economy is doing so well."for his part the president is blaming the federal reserve for pushing up interest rates.but hassett said wednesday the fed chairman's job remains safe. that appeared to ease worries on wall street. but uncertainty remains as the government shutdown has no end in sight and the trade war with china could escalate in washington im drew petrimoulx (ken) you still have a chance to make up for all your holiday spending... and then some. there was no mega millions winner in last night drawing. that means the jackpot has grown to an estimated 348 million dollars.
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it was only the 4th time in the history of mega millions that there has been a drawing on christmas. and there has never been a christmas winner. the next drawing is friday. coming up at eight... we'll have the latest on an officer involved shooting in san jose that left a woman dead. why police say they had to open fire. and -- gun violence in american reaches a record high. how the the n-r-a is responding to this newly released report... when we come back and -- the winter blast is striking areas across the u-s......and that is causing travel headaches for millions. what highway patrol officers want you to know while driving on slick roads. i'm kron 4 meteorologist lawrence karnow coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast.details are right after the break. (ken) in the south bay...
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one person is dead and another is injured from an officer involved shooting that happened early christmas morning in san jose.(vicki) police are still investigating. it happened just after two in the morning yesterday when san jose police responded to shots fired near story road and clemence avenue after someone reported hearing gunshots. officers arrived to find two adults each suffering from at least one bullet wound.police say officers also saw a car that matched the description of the vehicle used by the shooters and it had been reported as stolen. officers say they tried to stop the car - but the driver drove away and that's when a pursuit began. police say
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the driver eventually crashed into a chain link fence near the intersection of leigh and fruitdale avenues. four officers opened fire and bullets struck the driver and the passenger. no officers were hurt in the shooting. the officers involved did get put on routine paid administrative leave while the investigation continues. (ken) according to a new study, gun violence is on the rise in the united states so much so, that the centers for disease control and prevention call it a public health epidemic. meredith wood explains in today's health minute. gun deaths in the united states reached a record high in 2017.that's according to a recent analysis by the centers for disease control and prevention.almost 40-thousand people were killed by firearms last year,the highest number since at least 1979. when firearm deaths were first coded in mortality data.less than 20 years ago, there were just under 29-thousand gun deaths per year in the u.s, a difference of more than 10- thousand lives.the data
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includes homicides, unintentional deaths, deaths in war or legal interventions, and undetermined deaths.cnn found that nearly 24-thousand of the gun deaths were suicides, the highest rate in 18 years.the national rifle association says the solution is not in creating more gun lawsbut gun legislation advocates call the rising numbers proof that the country is facing a public health epidemic when it comes to gun violence.for today's health minute, i'm meredith wood. (vicki)
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and safe at the north pole. (ken) the winter blast is striking areas across the u- s......and that is causing travel headaches for millions. snow fell in parts of the west coast, including the mountains here in california, this week. and across the country -- winter weather alerts are affecting more than four-million people. roadways throughout the plains and midwest are expected to be dangerous through friday.
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karnow is here now with the forecast it was a beautiful cool day around the bay area. tonight will be cold with a chance of patchy frost. lows will be in the 30s and 40s. on the satellite you can see a weak cold front headed toward california. high pressure will build in behind it making for some gusty winds. highs tomorrow will be
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in the 50s. windy weahter will continue into friday before calming into the weekend. the weather pattern looks dry into the new year.
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new ahead at 8 -- if you have a new california i-d card... you might need to get another one. we'll tell you about the problem. and -- this year's holiday spending reported to be the best in six years. we'll break down the numbers when we come back. ((ken))here's what we are tracking new tonight at nine... it's a controversial project to raise the shasta dam... but that project could be placed on hold because of a lawsuit to save some tiny critters.. we'll explain what it is that could cost federal officials millions of dollars... coming up new tonight at nine... ...
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♪ toyland, toyland ♪ little girl and boy land ♪ while you dwell within it ♪ you are ever happy there daddy, it's christmas! ♪ childhoods, joyland never let go of your dreams. the mercedes-benz winter event is back. lease the glc 300 for $459 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. (vicki)the federal government
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is requiring the california dmv to implement even stricter standards when it comes to the new 'real id". (ken) now people who already waited in line to get the new identification card are wondering what it means for them. kron 4's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has more from sacramento. if you stood in line at the dmv this year for a real i.d.... don't worry---you don't need to go back anytime soon.. starting in april - the federal government will require real i.d. applicants
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to provide two proofs of address at the dmv.that policy is stricter than what had been in been place previously. ((jaime garza - dmv spokesman)) "what we've been doing is asking applicants to provide one proof of residency document when they came into the office, and the second proof would be satisfied when the real id driver license or card is delivered by mail to the applicant and return service is requested." beginning in october 2020 the new real id will be the only state identification accepted at airports and federal buildings.with the dmv already in the spotlight for long wait times and technology problems -- that's a concern for assemblymember jim patterson ((assm. jim patterson r- fresno)) "the bigger problem going forward is millions of californians are now going to rush the line for the real id between now and 2020 and my concern is the dmv is utterly unprepared for that large rush."that large rush." (vicki)that was ashley zavala reporting.if you get a real-id before the new stricter policy takes effect in april - you
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will need to provide the second proof of address when the i-d comes up for renewal. (ken) good news for retailers -- this may be the best holiday shopping season in six years. retail spending between november first though christmas eve increased five-point-one percent from the same period a year sales rose more than 19-percent compared to last year. both numbers come from mastercard spending- pulse.shoppers spent more than 850-billion dollars during the holidays. sales were lifted by rising wages and a drop in gas prices. (vicki) new year's eve isn't for another five days... but starbucks is already preparing for the celebration. the coffee giant is bringing back the black-and- white mocha drink collection to help revelers ring in 20-19. the drinks are available now through the new year while supplies last at participating stores in the u- s and canada.the centerpiece of the beverage trio is the black and white mocha itself. it features espresso poured over dark and white mocha sauce, with steamed milk --
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topped with whipped cream and and chocolate sprinkles. also available as part of the collection: black and white hot cocoa and the black and white mocha frappuccino. (ken) happening now --- a celebration in san francisco -- - to celebrate the first day of kwanzaa. this is video of an event that happened last year at city hall. this year -- a celebration is now underway just blocks away at 762 fulton street near webster. it runs until 9 tonight and features games, arts and crafts and an african-inspired meal. the holiday is celebrated by millions of people of african descent all around the world. kwanzaa lasts seven days and celebrates family, community and culture from african and african-american origins. coming up at eight.. president trump and the first lady making a suprise visit in iraq today. the latest on their trip just a day after christmas. and -- a woman takes jumps into action after a thief targets her home. and it's all caught on camera. we'll
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show you how she was able to track down the crook. plus -- we're taking a look at this 20-18's most destructive weather events. ((lawrence tease))i'm kron 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow.coming up, i will take a look at your 7 day forecast. details are right after the break.
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(vicki) troops overseas got a post-christmas surprise from the commander-in-chief today.(ken) president
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trump and first lady melania made an unannounced trip to iraq.kristen holmes has the latest on their trip from washington. and this is president trump's first visit to troops in a war zone since taking here's what we know so far a lot of the details just starting to come out and keep this in mind they do this for safety not only for the president and first lady but also for all those advance teams, white house reporters traveling with the president to keep them safe.we know they left in the middle of the night last night.a secret flight that landed at al asad air base that's just west of according to reporters and the white house the first couple spent three hours on the ground there taking selfies and thanking them for their service the men and women as well as wishing them a merry christmas.and this is a time-honored tradition we know that presidents have been doing this - visiting troops during the holiday season especially in those war zones for decades. this trip comes during a lot going on in washington, it's not only the government shutdown but also a time in which president trump has
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really angered his political and military allies this of course when he about a week ago declared that he would be withdrawing troops from syria. that prompted the resignation of not only his secretary of defense james mattis but also of a special presidential envoy that was there combatting isis brett mcgurk. so it's interesting timing here as the pentagon is essentially in chaos as all of this is being sorted out. president trump was also asked why he chose to come to iraq now, during this government shutdown.he actually said that there had been several trips planned one of them being three or four weeks ago but due to security, this was the best time to come.reporting in washington, i'm kristen holmes back to you. (ken) president trump is the third american president to visit iraq. back in 2003 president george w. bush became the first president to visit iraq. he flew to baghdad to spend thanksgiving
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with u-s troops and thanked them for "defending the american people from danger." in 2009 -- president barack obama visited iraq in the first year of his eight years in office. obama told u-s troops and iraqi officials that it was time to phase out americas combat role in the conflict. (vicki) in 2018 -- the u-s experienced the fury of mother nature -- yet again.from raging wildfires -- to snow across wildfires -- to snow across the south -- to two major hurricanes -- this has been another year of costly disasters.natasha chen has a look at some of 20-18's most destructive weather events. diane brewer/lives in montecito: "this looks like a war zone."in january -- heavy rain fell on the burn scar left behind by what was then the largest wildfire in california history... ...the thomas fire. fast-moving floods triggered mudslides and debris flows... that swept away cars... and buried homes in santa barbara county. rachel ross/lives in montecito, ca: "there's nothing here anymore, besides a river of mud."more than a
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dozen people were killed -- and hundreds of homes were damaged or destroyed. the thomas fire -- which began in december 2017 and charred nearly 282-thousand acres -- wasn't fully extinguished until june. it was a snowy and frigid start to the new year for the east coast. a series of winter storms brought snow to the deep south... tallahassee, florida saw its first measurable snow in nearly 30 years... and charleston, south carolina received its largest snowfall since 1989 with 5-point-3 inches. that same series of storms brought bone-chilling temperatures -- blinding snow - - and historic flooding to parts of new england. the tide at boston harbor reached a record of 15- point-1-6 feet. floodwaters reached the doors of some homes -- forcing people to flee.and cars were submerged -- some in as much as three feet of water. the mendocino complex fire erupted in northern california. just over459-thousand acres were scorched and more than 300homes were destroyed. officials say it's the largest
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wildfire in state history.and it wasn't fully contained until september. also in september... hurricane florence took aim on the southeast as a category 4 storm. more than a million people across north and south carolina were told to leave -- or prepare for the worst. rep. tom rice/(r) south carolina: "if you stay, and you get stuck in this, you're on your own."the slow- moving storm weakened to a category one before making landfall near wrightsville beach, north carolina.but its effects were devastating. high winds toppled trees... transformers exploded -- leaving hundreds of thousands of people in the dark. and the storm's relentless rain -- and high storm surge -- triggered destructive flooding. more than a dozen rivers in north and south carolina overflowed their banks -- inundating homes and prompting hundreds of water rescues. more than 50people were killed in the storm... in october...hurricane michael charged toward the florida panhandle.and governor rick scott urged residents to prepare. gov. rick scott/(r) florida: "this storm will be life-threatening and extremely
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dangerous."michael made landfall near mexico beach as a strong category 4 with 155 mile-per-hour's the strongest hurricane to hit the continental u-s since andrew in 1992. rebecca garrigan/rode out storm: "the roar of it, i guess, is what was just deafening."homes were wiped off their foundations -- or splintered like toothpicks. roads were ripped apart. coastlines -- made unrecognizable and as michael moved inland -- it devastated georgia's state officials estimate it caused more than two in damage... and in november -- the catastrophic camp fire erupted in northern california. gov. jerry brown/(d) california: "this is so devastating that i don't have the words to describe it." fast-moving flames - fueled by fierce winds - devoured everything in their path. the fire scorched 153- thousand acres in butte county. and all but leveled the townof paradise. mayor jody jones/paradise, ca: "90% of the homes in every single neighborhood are gone."more than 80 people were killed in the northern california wildfire.and officials say it is the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in state history.i'm natasha chen reporting. (ken) (ken) (ken) (ken) now to our four
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zone now to our four zone forecast. you're looking live at the golden gate bridge.(pam) kron-4's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us with a look ahead it was a beautiful cool day around the bay area. tonight will be cold with a chance of patchy frost. lows will be in the 30s and 40s. on the satellite you can see a weak cold front headed toward california. high pressure will build in behind it making for some gusty winds. highs tomorrow will be in the 50s. windy weahter will continue into friday before calming
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into the weekend. the weather pattern looks dry into the new year.
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still ahead at 8 -- transparency is coming to u-s hospitals... how patients will be able to compare prices
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before seeking treatment. plus -- a woman takes matters into her own hands after a thief targets her home. and it's all caught on camera.
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(ken) price transparency is coming to u-s hospitals... a new federal rule requires all hospitals to post an online list of the cost of their standard services.(vicki) patients will be able to compare prices before seeking treatment. some consumer
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advocates say even though those lists will be beneficial... it doesn't do enough to inform patients about adjusted and sometimes increased costs due to insurance and other factors. those prices are expected to be available online january first. (ken) and -- santa was good to amazon this year. the e-commerce giant wrote in a in press release today that it had a record-breaking holiday season. according to the release, customers ordered more items worldwide than in any previous year. the release also detailed some of this season's most popular items. they included the echo dot, the glam glitter series doll, and bose quiet-comfort wireless headphones, just tname a few. just ahead in sports, we'll check in with the champs a day after a christmas day beatdown from lebron james and the lakers. why steve kerr isn't too worried. (ken)take a look at this...
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a colorado woman went on an unexpected run days before christmas... to chase down a woman who stole a package off of her porch.(ken) as you just saw -- that theft was all caught on camera.(vicki) and -- so was the chase. alex rose reports. renee abeyta was at her lakewood home doing chores wednesday afternoon...renee abeyta/homeowner: "i got a notification on my phone saying there's someone at the front door."you can see from the different cameras in her home- this woman grabs a package from her front porch... but by the time abeyta checked it out- she was gone.renee
8:46 pm
abeyta/homeowner: "i looked at my ring videos and i saw what happened."so she goes back outsidenats: "hey!"and sees the suspect crossing the street... trying to get away. renee abeyta/homeowner: "i thought no way this is happening to me."she gets in her car...nats: "i'm gonna corner her."confronting her in this video...nats: "what's your name? what's your name? did you steal something? give it! i'm gonna ábleepá call the police! i got you on camera ábleepá give me the ábeepá thing now! i'm taping you." nats: "leave me alone lady i didn't take anything."nats: "yes you did i saw you!"renee abeyta/homeowner: "i don't even know what came out of my mouth or even why i said what i did. it just happened."she keeps chasing her down for about a minuterenee abeyta/homeowner: "i was mad as hell. i couldn't. there was no way i was gonna let her go. i would have ran for as many miles as i had to to get my package."finally she gets her to stop.nats: "i'm sorry." nats: "give it."renee abeyta/homeowner: "hopefully that girl and other people don't steal stuff. because it's christmas and i mean these are presents for people." nats: "you ábleepá with the wrong person ábleepá what's wrong with you?! (vicki) that was alex rose reporting. officers
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say if this happens to you-- they want you to call them instead of trying to take matters into your own hands. (ken) an emergency meeting will address an incident at a wrestling match in new jersey. the family of 16-year-old andrew johnson says they're grateful for the show of support after the referee gave the black teen an ultimatum: cut off his dreadlocks -- or forfeit the match. on top of that, jackson had 90 seconds to make the decision, according to his family attorney. cnn's miguel marquez has more. it's the haircut sparking outrage and an investigation into the white referee who insisted on it. the civil rights division of the new jersey attorney general's office and the state's athletic association looking into whether race played a role into the decision to offer 16 year old varsity wrestler andrew johnson a stark choice, cut off his dreadlocks or forfeit the
8:48 pm
match.the state's governor phil murphy tweeting "no student should have to needlessly choose between his or her identity & playing sports."johnson's parents - in a statement - say their son "was visibly shaken" by the incident.they also say the ref was late to the match, he had no issue with their son's hair when he finally did arrive, and only once their son was on the mat did he threaten disqualification.the parents saying the referee said johnson's hair "wasn't in its natural state," referring to the dreadlocks as "braids."" the rules indicate "a wrestler's hair cannot fall below the top of a shirt collar in the back, below his earlobes on the sides, or below his eyebrows."for longer hair "the wrestler has to braid his hair or hide it beneath a hair cover attached to his ear guards."none of which the referee allowed - say the parents - despite multiple pleas from the athlete, his coach, and trainer.the state's athletic association says the referee will not be assigned to moderate matches pending its's executive
8:49 pm
director adding "as an african- american and parent - as well as a former educator, coach, official and athlete - i clearly understand the issues at play, and probably better than most... ...i ask that everyone respect the investigatory process related to all parties involved." (vicki) that was was miguel marquez reporting for us tonight... also making national headlines -- serena williams has been voted the associated press female athlete of the year for the fifth time. williams reached the finals at wimbledon and the u.s. open after a remarkable return to tennis. that followed four surgeries she needed after developing blood clots following the birth of her daughter on sept. 1, 2017. williams is one a-p honor away from six-time winner babe didrikson zaharias... whose honors included one for track and five for golf. for the last for the last several
8:50 pm
years, the warriors have known other teams won't shy away from going after them. and the latest threat out west-- lebron james leading his young lakers. --another christmas day showdown between the champs and lebron... and even with james leaving in the 2nd half with a groin injury, l-a ran through golden state. --orchestrated a 26-point blowout... shot 55-percent from the field... and held the warriors to 9-of-36 from downtown. --it's the 5th time this season they've lost by 20 or more points, but steve kerr...realizes they are still 23-and-12 and is maintaining the proper perspective. "we're maybe the most scrutinized team in the history of the league. we're right there with the bulls teams that i played on. i felt the same, but even more so now because of the number of media outlets and the immediacy of the judgement and criticism. so it's all part of it, our guys have learned how to deal with all of that over the past few years. it doesn't matter. what matters is how you respond "
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warriors back in action tomorrow night against portland. now to the nfl-- no playoff football for the 49ers and raiders means their offseasons will start next week. --division games throughout the league for week 17... and the 49ers will be ending their season in l-a against the rams. --for the 2nd week in a row, the niners facing a team that's trying to lock up a first- round bye in the playoffs... l-a needs to win to get the 2nd seed, and for san francisco, this is another opportunity for growth for nick mullens.. who put up a respectable outing against the bears defense. --kyle shanahan on where he wants to see his young qb improve this week...and for next year. it's just about taking it to another level. how much better can you get? how much more consistent can you get? how many more impressive plays can you make without getting sacks and turnovers. the more you try to make big plays, that can happen, but also the higher probability of bad plays picks up. so, he has started to make more and more plays the more he's played and hopefully the more opportunities he gets he'll get even better at that." now to the raiders, their
8:52 pm
season comes to an end sunday in kansas city... it's a chance for the silver and black to throw a wrench in the playoff plans for a division rival. chiefs...going for the top seed in the afc postseason picture. --raiders coming off an emotional win monday night, their best outing of the season in what could have been their last game in oakland. --derek carr...on how to re-engage on a short week after such an emotional game. anytime you play on monday night, let alone maybe the last game in the coliseum in front of your fans, last home game of the year, all of those things, those are heightened emotions no matter what. i think that our job as professionals is to make sure that when we come into today, the way we're locked in, the way we're focused is at that same level. it's just a choice that each man has to make and i think that we did a good job in the walkthrough. i think that we're going to do a good job at practice and as long as we maintain that through the week then we can keep that level."
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up next -- as long has the clippers keep clipping -- this man isn't stopping. meeting the oldest living barber when we come back!
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(vicki) in a small new york state town east of binghamton, a barber is helping his clients look their best for the holidays.(ken) but this isn't just any barber......he's officially the oldest working barber in the world. at 107 -- anthony mancinelli has been
8:56 pm
cutting hair for almost a full century. he started 96 years ago at the age of 11. today mancinelli cuts hair full time in windsor, new york -- he's also the town's oldest resident. and he's is in the guinness book of world records. (vicki) that wraps up kron 4 news that wraps up kron 4 news at 8.(ken) grant lodes is here with kron 4 news at 9. (grant) thanks ken an vicki... next at nine... a massive fire breaks out at an apartment complex in the north bay... trapping a family inside... and a father thinks of a unique, last minute plan to save his son from the flames... find out what he did... next in a live report... plus... a single mother gunned down on christmas eve while she sat in the car with her toddler in the back seat... and tonight she is in the hospital as her family desperately
8:57 pm
searches for answers...(grant) and it's about to get a whole lot colder across the bay area... chief meteolorgist lawrence karnow has what to expect... don't go away kron4 news at nine is next... ♪ whoa! the mercedes-benz winter event is back, and you won't want to stop for anything else. lease the gla 250 for $359 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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(grant) a man and his son trapped on the second floor... as they made a desperate escape through a back window trying bed sheets together... and tonight fire crews believe they now know the cause... (grant) thanks for joining us im grant lodes...(vicki) and im vicki liviakis... a barbeque grill is believed to be the source of a fire that damaged multiple apartments in san rafael. the fire broke out just after 10:30 this morning on larkspur street.(grant) kron 4's gayle ong spoke to that man who saved his son...she joins us live in his son...she joins us live in san rafael with the story. that man only suffered minor scratcheshis son hurt his back.


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